Forge on Friday is an opportunity for you to work in our workshop. You can work our bi-weekly class project or you can rent some open forge time.

Unless noted below Forge on Friday is open from 4pm to 8pm, every second and fourth Friday of the month. For March the dates are 8 and 22.

To take advantage of Forge on Friday our insurance requires that you to take our “Introduction to Blacksmithing” class. This class is taught every first and third Saturday at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. The $85 introduction is occasionally taught at Traditions Workshop as noted below.

Open forge time is available any Friday we are open at $15/hour, charged in 1 hour increments. If you stick around to help clean up the last hour is discounted by $5.

Our class prices include all the materials you will need, including fuel, steel and tools. A typical class lasts just under 4 hours and each class is designed to help you improve a specific aspect of your blacksmithing. Links to our current class line up:

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Prior to participating in any of the courses you Need to sign the release form. traditions workshop release form