For all blacksmithing classes please wear cotton or natural fabric clothing. Long trousers, long sleeve cotton (not flannel) shirt are highly recommended, and solid shoes or boots are required. We supply your steel, coal, tools, working materials, gloves, eye, and ear protection, plus dust masks when necessary, but if you have a leather apron you might want to bring it. Classes are available for ages 12 and up, please.

If you are interested in having a blacksmithing “party” as a team building exercise, bachelor/bachelorette, or any other group event, please contact us directly via email, text, or phone call:  850-974-1548 

We separate our classes into Beginner and Advanced. Please note, our insurance requires you to take our “Introduction to Blacksmithing” class prior to any advance classes. The cost is $88 and classes last five hours. Below is a list of our upcoming beginner classes:

Prior to participating in any of the courses you Need to sign the release form. traditions workshop release form Please print it and bring it with you.

Forged on Friday

Forged on Friday classes are an opportunity for you to learn new techniques, accomplish advanced projects and try out new equipment. You can see our Forged on Friday class listing at our Square Store page here. Our class prices are $65 plus materials and we provide all the equipment and instruction you will need, including fuel, steel and tools. A typical class lasts 4+ hours and each class is designed to help you improve a specific aspect of your blacksmithing. You always finish with a project to take home with you.

Open forge time is available during most work days (M-F, 10-6) at $15/hour, charged in 1 hour increments. It is always best to call or text (850-974-1548) prior to showing up to be sure we are in the shop and have room (our limit is 4 people). Bring your project and take advantage of our fully tooled up workshop.

Questions? Send us a note!