Blacksmith Classes

Good News! I will start teaching introduction to blacksmithing classes at Northwest Florida Heritage Museum in Valparaiso, Florida. The first class is on November 4th and you can sign up on their website; please keep in mind space is limited. There is a fee for the course of 60 dollars, and all material will be supplied for you. If you’re in the Northwest Florida area and would like to learn the basics of blacksmithing, please join me for this class. The museum also hosts classes for learning how to basket weave, pine needle basketry, mosaics, and others.

Strike while the iron is hot!



One thought on “Blacksmith Classes

  1. watergirl says:

    Thank you kindly Christopher & David, for helping with my little blacksmith project at Farm Day in Defuniak Springs! Our handmade “jig” made it possible for me to clean-up several acres of litter with almost no ‘extra’ effort as I walked around enjoying the festivities! Many kids and adults were amazed how easy & efficient it worked, so I sent them your way! Dr. Buckaloo, his farmhands, and several vendors expressed their appreciation as well! I couldn’t have doe it without your tools, skills, and generous spirit, so thanks again!
    Looking forward to your Hammer-in, and upcoming classes in Fort Walton!


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