Our apologizes for not keeping you all updated on what’s been going on with the shop. It has been a busy past few months with several smaller projects going on and a couple of larger ones. In short we finished the Raccoon Saloon, and another gazebo project entitled “East of Eden” you can see the first one in the pictures below.

R.S. Back      R.S. Bar

R.S. Bench      R.S. Sign

R.S. Front

In addition to those larger projects Dad and Chris have been working on a few workbenches, planter shelves, and several music stands.

Music stands 2016.03.30      Planter Shelves Workbench 1      Workbench 2

Currently, our main project the Pyramid Player’s fall show: “Quest of the Dragon” and if check out our Facebook page you can see some of the “Dragons” that we’ve been working on. Here is one of the several sketches we have done for the dragons that will be attached to some of the student’s wheelchairs.

Dragon Sketches

Since this is such a big show with lots of technical aspects we’re always looking for some extra help, and suggestions; if you have any send us a note at Info@traditionsworkshop.com or David@traditionsworkshop.com.

Have a great day!

  • Jessica

Tis the Season


A Christmas Set for the “Women of the Word” annual lunch and play. When the play is done, the Christmas Lady of Niceville wants the stable as a manger scene in her “Animation in Motion” Christmas show.

Tis the Season (2)

It might look big but it comes apart easily as it is held together with six spikes; smaller sections make it easy to transport with two people. At the very end of the season I’ll take everything apart to recover my hardware and re-use that cypress plank for? Maybe a butler’s table or who knows, any suggestions?

  • David


East of Eden and Other Projects


A load of natural edge planks, bay and cedar, thatLoad Two (2) I had cut at the sawmill; only a fraction of this material has been spoken for. The rest has been stacked and stickered on the woodpile out back to continue air drying. I see some beautiful furniture – tables and benches – someday.

East of Eden (2)We always have multiple projects going on in the shop, both big and small. In addition to finishing “The Raccoon Saloon” gazebo we are building two more. This one is a small traditional Victorian gazebo named “East of Eden”, it will be a prayer room with Bible verses carved into each of the spaces between the rafters. We’re building most of it at the shop and will finish assembly at East of Eden Base (2)the site. We’ll be sure to let you know how this progresses.

  • David





Oil Tree


Collaborative project with my bride this afternoon/evening. She wanted to use a Oil Treebranch that we found as a display for her essential oils. So I got to help her create her vision by manning up the table saw and drill press while she put everything together using chisels, handsaw, pin nail gun, sanders and glue. Very interesting to watch her bring her concept to life and really like the results.

  • David



Cedar Log Bench


Sometimes you just have to try something different only because it looks like a good idea and you’ve never tried it before. We had this cedar log, about 10-12 inches in Bench 1diameter and 8 to 10 feet long so I rigged up my chainsaw with a ripping chain and a guide then split the log in half. One half is the bench and the off cuts got split to become the legs. We used a hand powered auger to drill four 1-1/4 inch holes through the half log so we’d have a place to attach the legs.   Christopher turned the tops of the legs so they could pass through the holes and then I split the peg ends so once the legs were in place we could drive wedges into the top of each leg to lock it in place forever. BenchFinished up by cutting off the excess peg ends and then used a plain to get everything flat. Final step was to cut all the legs to the same length. Now we have a nice bench that needs a home. If you are interested in giving this bench a home or have a suggestion, let me know by sending me an email: David@traditionsworkshop.com  Have a great day!


  • David


Gun Case


Gun Case 1I just delivered a custom order to a customer for Civil War era pistol case. Brass campaign hardware on the corners with a self-latching hasp, magnetic clips to hold the pistol in the case, and a secret drawer that can only be accessed if you open the lid and pull the pin – the spring will “pop” Gun Case 2revealing the slender drawer holding the notebook with the rest of the Confederate bills. I Really enjoy this type of challenge project.


  • David


Mangrove’s Mama’s Swamp house Playhouse


Sometimes you can get busy doing something you enjoy and get carried away. I was Swamp house playhouse frontasked to build a play house with a swamp theme for Mangrove Mama’s plant nursery and found this to be the perfect combination for my craftsman skills and theater set designing experiences. Lots of fun! Hope I get to build more play houses and swing sets like this. Although this playhouse is not for sale it is looking for a place to be set up where children can enjoy it, if you have a suggestion let me know!Swamp house playhouse back

Swamp House playhouse side

  • David

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Madeline Harris says:

    I stumbled across your website~what wonderful work you do. It was a pleasure reading your posts.
    Hope you get a chance to update again soon.

    Thank you!


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